Friday, December 04, 2009


Right, let me just say this. I like people, I find them interesting. I like children, they are the only original thinkers on this planet. Poetry and photography have their places in my life as does literature, belief and baking.

Why is it then, that whenever I have a wander through the next blog button on my blog looking for some-one interesting to add to my blog list all I ever seem to get are people obsessed with their (to be honest) really quite dull offspring, or banging on about their belief in the "one true God", haiku's they have written but for some bizarre (yeah really?) reason can't get published, turgid poetry and truly dull book reviews. Yawn!

So here I am on my really quite dull blog asking if anyone knows of any interesting blogs worth following. Please? Thanks. XX


Crazy Emma said...

To be honest most of the ones i follow are people blogging about their kids. I hope mine isnt too dull!

The fearless threader said...

Yours isn't dull mainly because you have the chickens! I love hearing about your allotment and the chickens you've rescued. Good news about the job, life will be very sweet for you both I can see.

clumsygirl said...

I really enjoy Jane Brocket and (not really a blog, per se) and mimi smartypants, crazy aunt purl, sweet juniper and nerd patrol.

The fearless threader said...

Thanks Clumsygirl, I'll check these out. I tried going through the next blog button again the other day and got loads of quantum mechinsits and astrophysicists! It's totally random what you get!