Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There is an Alien Snot Monster Living in My Head

I have spent a week fighting off the mother of all colds. Only the lack of delirium and serious chills has made me not describe it as the flu. During this time I have been trying to get a start on the new painting project at college. I am also attempting to twist my head around the presentation and essay I have to write by 10th March. All with a head invaded by an alien snot monster. Not easy.

Here is a start on the painting and human form project. Let me know what you think.


Jan Hopkins said...

That pastel drawing- the second one- is very powerful! The tension in it. I like.

The fearless threader said...

I always have loads of success with pastels. Struggling at present with paint, but I'll get it.....eventually.

Lynn said...

Your art is awesome! I am so impressed.

But I came here to say THANK YOU for sharing your experience with me on my blog today. I can't tell you how validating it was for me to read about your experience that is so similiar to mine. I feel normal now. More normal! Thank you so much.

I do hope you get over this cold very soon too. Colds are such a bummer and robber of energy!
A thousand Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fearless threader said...

Thanks Lynn. I hope you are feeling better soon. I think sometimes we feel isolated when we are unwell and as women we are often made to feel guilty about being unwell and complaining about it. We are supposed to just "get on with it". Take the time toi get well, you'll be more robust when you are better.

Quilt Architect said...

Right now my daughter is learning to draw the human form. I have a mentor giving her pointers. So I noticed that you have really stressed "value" in doing these drawings. I really enjoyed seeing all the ways that you did this...it was very interesting as each one seems to have a different angle...not just posture about them. I also like the second one, but enjoyed seeing them all together.