Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Unproductive next day

I tried to get up early to go to the library to make a start on the essay.

Just didn't get there. Had a bath and fell asleep on my bed for another 2 hours, cuddled up with my dogs and cats. My hair was completely dry by the time I woke up.

I did get to the library, but that was a less than good experience. Not enough books, none of which were available, the only ones that were available weren't much use and two boys decided to have a LOUD conversation at the table next to me.

Went to the public library, which was mercifully quiet and borrowed a couple of books, both immensely useful, and came home.

I visited my sick friend, who feels like a fraud because she is feeling very well despite not being as mobile as she would like. Came home and finished the felted piece I started yesterday. What do you think? I'm quietly pleased with my first ever embellished piece.

And now off to bed again, after a small snack.


Lynn said...

This is so well done. I can see the muscles, feel the flow of blood beneath the skin. You did an amazing job with this process.

sukipoet said...

lovely piece. You are working hard. No wonder you needed a nap like that. Hey, I thought the rule in libraries was, Quiet. hmmm.

Katie said...

I love the colors in this! It looks like a fun process, have you done this type of felting work before? It's great!!

Quilt Architect said...

Very creative and interesting. I really like it!!

I have never done any embellishing but it doesn't really look like it would be that easy. So you have done a great job keeping the lines and yet also perspective.

The fearless threader said...

ACtually embellishing is really easy, kind of like colouring in! Getting the outlines done was a little tricky but well worth it.