Friday, March 05, 2010

Bad Day

Nothing good happening today.

Went to car this morning to go to college and rear windscreen had been smashed and the offending brick was sitting on the parcel shelf.

Then things got really out of hand with their living room windows getting smashed and them threatening to set fire to my car and my house after.

Police involvement all day, stress levels beyond through the roof and I'll probably have to move out of my house to be sure of my and my son's safety.

Just like to say that for the past nearly 2 years I have been subjected to daily insults from these "people". Every time I come out of my house, or my car, I am verbally abused by them. Eventually you just can't bite your tongue any more so you answer them back, and then damage gets done to your car or your house. Which is worse? And why don't the police do anything despite the constant complaints to them?

This is my car. Depressing isn't it?


Lynn said...

OHMYGOD! This is terrible, awful, frightful/frightening. Do these people not get arrested for their vandalism? For their verbal harrassing? Can you sue them in civil law or smalls claims court?

We had our car rear window broken by vandals once as did six other cars in the neighborhood the same night; and another time by drunk kids just walking by smashing windows in. And we live in a "nice" neighborhood! They caught the first vandals, but I never followed up as our insurance covered the cost of the window repair.

I hope your bad people get taken to task for their more than terrible behavior. I hope you will be safe.

The fearless threader said...

Thank you Lynn for your support. The police are trying to take this seriously, but unfortunately their hands are somewhat tied by the advent of the protecting the criminal culture we are suffering from here. Not that I think anyone is automatically guilty, but I and many of my neighbours have had 2 years of problems with these people, have complained to the police repeatedly, and still nothing has been done. I may have to leave my home because it is no longer safe for me to stay here.

Ekaterina said...

that's terrible Sam!
You should try to write to the Star about it. I remember a story similar to yours there, in which they talked about the whole neighboorhood harrassed by some crazy neighboors and the police refused for ages to do anything...that until the story appeared in the paper.
Terrible, isn't? In order to move things here, it has first to be publicised.
I would move if I were's a hassle, but at least you will be safe.

Jan Hopkins said...

That's shocking. No one should have to live with that kind of abuse and stress. Is it lack of evidence holding the police back?

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. You should be able to feel safe in your own home for goodness sake! I do hope you won't have to move.

Cat said...

OMG! These thugs are running you out of your home, that's awful! I can only imagine the things running thru your mind...

Why do people have to act like this? No, we don't have to like everyone but that's not a free pass to damage property, harass or harm anyone. ARRRRGGGG...this kind of thing really grates on me.

I hope you will both be safe and the police do the 'right' thing and remove these jackasses and prosecute them!

I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers...Please, be safe.


Quilt Architect said...

I am so sorry to hear that this has happen to you. I feel the assault myself as I was reading this.

I am really sorry as I am sure that moving is also a "punishment" to you and your son. Another assault.

I hope though you can find a peaceful resolution.

The fearless threader said...

I'm sorry, and slightly happy to say that some action was taken against the people across the road when Josh, losing his temper and being very protective of his mum, took a baseball bat to the awful neighbours front windows. I do not condone this kind of behavior, but have to admit to feeling very gratified that Josh has taken their daylight away from them. Josh was arrested and cautioned for it, but after 2 years I think our patience has worn a little thin.

Thank you everyone for your support and best wishes. I'm off to bed soon, but I'm really not sure that I will get any sleep. Josh is intending staying awake all night because he doesn't want us to be vulnerable, as the neighbours threatened to set fire to my car and my house. I hope they realise after today that we aren't going to take any of this lying down, but we have to be prepared for anything.

It feels like I'm living in a war zone, not a nice street like this was a couple of years ago.

Annie said...

Sam, I am so sorry. How awful. I hope you get to stay in your home.
I don't blame Josh for losing it, a person can only take so much.
Good luck.