Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Busy Doing Nothing

I feel like I've not done much today, even though I spent the entire day at the studio.

But what I have done is dyed my hair, prepped and strung 3 pictures for taking to be exhibited next week, finished putting all the stuff in my sketchbook, tidied it up and put all the additional material in a file ready to take in to college next week.

Then I finished 25 hand drawn cards and bagged them up for sale.

Tomorrow I'll be tidying the studio ready to play with collage and try something new. A whole month off from college stuff - except for the essay - and I'm going to enjoy playing.

By the way here's the cards, if you want one they are £3 each or 4 for £10, standard letter postage charges apply! Here endeth the plug!


Becky Vigor said...

I wish I was so productive on days of doing nothing! Thanks for your comment on my blog, I hope the a/ds are not those that snuff out all emotion - I'd rather have the sunshine AND the shadows than constant grey.

I'm going to get my act together to organise for some of us college/ex college people to meet up so watch this space :)

Oh, and I was reading your blog on audio and it told me you were tye-dying your studio which conjured up fabulous images til I checked and saw you were actually tidying it! Maybe tidying in preparation for tye-dying!

The fearless threader said...

Interestingly enough I was tidying in preparation for doing something simial. See the new blog post about to go up!