Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sharing space

I made an early start to the day today, in the studio by 8.30. Almost unheard of these days.

I was lucky to have visitors too, Michelle, Lea and Jamie, all of us playing with collage and creating some fabulous things with glue and tissue paper.

I came home by 6pm feeling shattered and ready to flop on the settee in front of the tv. But incredibly pleased with what I have achieved today.

One of the finished pages from the collage sketchbook.

There are more things to show, but I only took one photo today.


Lynn said...

beautiful work...it wouldn't be for an artshine collage sketchbook by any chance might it?

The fearless threader said...

Not as yet, but the last thing I need to do to meet an early september deadline is well underway and I'll be devoting all of my time to the sketchbooks until I'm caught up, once it is done and delivered for exhibition. But I will be using some of the papers I have made in my sketchbook pages. They are so delicious I simply have to.

Lynn said...

oh good...the group will be glad to see books on the move again...how many do you have now???

The fearless threader said...

I think I have 5. One is almost finished, and the others will be shortly behind.

Lynn said...

Forgive me for using this space to correspond about Artshine, but when I send an email I get a delivery reject letter so I never know if I get through to you. I also get them when I do this, but at least here I can SEE you got the message from me.
Would it be too much bother to let me know whose books you have? I can post that on the blog and let people know how things are going, what to expect, nothing is lost, etc. Thanks so much. Know you are busy.

The fearless threader said...

No problem corresponding on here. I'll check which ones I've got when I go to the studio tomorrow and then I'll post tomorrow.