Friday, September 17, 2010

Awake in the Middle of the Night

Tonight I went to bed unfeasible early. This is not like me, generally I stay up til around 1am and wake up anywhere between 7 and 9 in the morning. But Wednesday night I slept really badly and so I went o bed early hoping to catch up on the sleep.

No chance, after 4 hours I was awake and unable to go back to sleep. It's now 3am, and I have a busy day today. What is worse, is it will be starting early too. I am tempted to go off to my studio and do the job that needs doing first thing. Which will save time later.

I know I won't go back to sleep, so I'm filling myself up with breakfast and a nice cuppa tea, ready to get on with what is going to be a somewhat stressful day.

Maybe I can alleviate some of that stress with art. Didn't get any done yesterday, so maybe I can do something today.


Lynn said...

Oy, I hate it on the rare occasion that my brain will not shut down at a decent hour and sleep.
I hope you get/got through the day okay. And hope you sleep well tonight.

The fearless threader said...

Thank you Lynn. I'm worrying about my friend in hospital and I'm worrying about how her family will cope without her. I did manage to go back and grab another couple of hours, but I feel completely helpless and I think that is what is waking me up.

sukipoet said...

sending prayers and a big hug.

Anonymous said...

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