Saturday, November 14, 2009

The canvas 9

Finished it! Yay!

Well I say I've finished it, I've hung it on the wall to live with it a couple of days to see if it actually is finished and then I have to stretch and mount it. Plus I have all the sketchbook work to catch up on. I may also do some printing with the polystyrene plate I made yesterday. Always good to do some printing.

Plus I remembered that fun foam sheets are excellent printing media. So I may have a play with those too. Lots to play with.

Anyway here's the finished(ish) canvas. Answers on a postcard please. now!


noella said...

I can't make my mind up about the pastel shades on the skyscrapers...hmmm i'll keep looking at it whilst you live with it!!!

The fearless threader said...

I've decided I don't think that the shades on the skyscrapers are strong enough. Going to put more shading on them tomorrow, can't do it tonight, the boy has gone to bed and it keeps him awake.