Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Exit Questionnaire 2

It's set me thinking now, while I'm waiting for the paint to dry on the three things that I am doing at the same time, that an exit questionnaire would be quite useful in many situations. Also, do you get one when you die, as you are waiting to enter heaven/hell the next life? How would it look?

Oh I think I may have hit on something here.

Exit Questionnaire for the Recently Deceased

1. Why did you leave your last life

2. Did you have a satisfactory journey from that life to here?

3. Were your family aware of your impending departure?

4. Did you remember to make a will and if not would you like to witness the infighting in respect to your assets/debts?

5. Did you plan to live in eternal peace and harmony, or will you be surprised by what happens next?

6. If offered the option of reincarnation what would like to be?

7. Is there anything that we could do to improve your stay in heaven/hell/the next incarnation?

Just a few quick thoughts. Hey I could've done one for the end of my last relationship. Except of course that was already sorted out by the 3 page email.

Do we expect to understand every one's reasons for doing things when often it is simply impulse in most cases? Oh it's all getting a bit deep for me.

I wonder if the paint is dry..........................

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