Thursday, November 05, 2009

I am a bit knackered

I have been blogging a lot over the past few days, mainly because I have had a massive outflow of creativity, but as with all energetic outpourings, I have tired myself out and need to have a bit of a a rest.

I am close to finishing the painting part of my canvas, and the stitch work should go fairly quickly, as I already have the machine and the threads out and selected for the two tester pieces, and a very clear idea of how I want it to look and how I should proceed.

I also need to be making a birthday sketch book for my friend, Angie, and a wedding album for my friend Sharon, so I can put the photos I took on her wedding day into it.

In addition to this, I need to make a start on Christmas presents for the people I love, and to start building stock for the craft fayres I really need to start going to as soon as possible. Work? Sorry no time! Soon to have no money! Oh well, what's the worst that can happen, losing my house? Nah, been homeless before, it's a doddle! Lose my stuff? Easy peasy, done it. Lose my car? Oh no never! They can take my life but they'll never take my car! (In Hollywood style Scottish accent)




Sorry, back now, just had to blow raspberries on the cat's belly. He hates it when I do that, so clearly I have to keep doing it. He'll figure it out in the end. The big fat cat did. Now he loves it.

Listened to a radio 4, the Moral Maze today, what a pile of uninformed rubbish, allegedly a debate about the power of Twitter and Facebook and whether it is fed by a mob mentality or is a positive force for political engagement and change. Clearly biased as the chair wouldn't allow a positive example of what FB and Twitter can achieve, and they only wanted to talk about the "mob" reaction to Jan Moir's article, claiming that despite the fact we "claim" to want freedom of speech, we don't want other people to be able to exercise it. Tosh, piffle and bilge water! I want everyone to have freedom of speech, even that toss pot Nick Griffin. What I really want is for people to intelligently and articulately prove that he's talking bollocks and that he is an uneducated deliberately ignorant fool who doesn't deserve the air he breathes. This is the responsibility of freedom of speech. Rights and responsibilities are two sides of the same coin. Say what you like, but accept the consequences.

So Jan Moir, write what you like, but take the flak! We all know it was prejudiced, homophobic, uninformed ignorant crap, you just need to learn to read better, because clearly you didn't read the coroner's report AT ALL! Otherwise you wouldn't have made such glaringly stupid errors in your article.

Erm.....sorry I hadn't intended to rant, but I think I accidentally pressed the rant button. I've switched it off now. Normal(ish) service will be resumed shortly.

Oh yeah, here is a pic of the latest canvas, the full sized one, in progress.


Becky Vigor said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. If you read on you'll see that I didn't make any progress with that book, but am now getting back into art mode.

I've been having a look through your blog and will definitely be back :) I love the way your canvases are turning out, the colours and textures are amazing and I love the way you're getting the different media to work together so seemlessly. Also they look ethereal and grounded at the same time - how did you do that?!

As for the Moral Maze, I haven't listened for awhile because I end up ranting at the radio and scaring the cats! Couldn't agree more with what you say about freedom of speech, especially about NG.

The fearless threader said...

The ethereal and ground thing is the use of blues at the top and eath colours near the bottom, and putting a white wash over the top of the sky scrapers. I wasn't sure if I would totally ruin what I'd done with a serious deadline looming, but it worked and I am so relieved.

I think that book of yours will be an ongoing stress relieving project. When you are having hard times - sorry that sounds a bit trite, I really do know where you are coming from - you can use the book to document and work through it. Don't give up the work, you are so good at it and never doubt that you have great skill with the pencil!