Monday, January 11, 2010

Shameless Plugging 2

Just a quickie to plug yet more merchandise. I'm trying to get my head around sorting out a Paypal button if possible on my page to sell direct. I will aim to getting it on by the end of the month when I have more stock and can find a five minute gap in my extraordinarily busy schedule.

So here they are, new hard backed note books, A6 size this time. Hope you like, feed back appreciated.


Jan Hopkins said...

They look great. What kind of paper and how much do you want for them? I can pimp them to my friends if you like.

The fearless threader said...

The paper is Seawhite of Brighton 160gsm cartridge paper and the prices are for the plastic covered ones, £6 for A7, £8 for A6, £10 for A5 and £12 for A4. The casebound (hardbacked) ones are £8, £10 and £12 for A6, A5, and A4 for fabric covered and paper covered are £1 cheaper. Please tout them as much as possible, as I need to know if these will sell or if I am wasting my time. Thanks for the feedback.

How's things with you anyway?