Thursday, January 07, 2010

Shameless Plugging

So it's the new year, and I'm trying to get motivated to do my homework and finish off some books for sale. Can't seem to sit for too long and it doesn't help that the dog bed is next to my work desk and one of them has eaten recycled cat food, the smell is vile and is putting me off concentrating. I think a cuppa tea may be in order.

I have managed to finish 8 books for sale and I having a big push to get another 4 finished today. Tomorrow is reserved for homework, no making of things for sale! I do have a bag to make for a friend, but that won't actually take that long, it's just a bit fiddly in the putting it together.

So as this is a post about shameless plugging I will include pics of the stuff I have, so far, made for sale. All prices reasonable, all items can be made to order and p&p is also reasonable.

I will be expanding my range to include cushion covers, handbags, shopping bags and more books of different sizes. Please leave a comment if you are interested.Shameless plugging now over. Off to make a cuppa tea.


Quilt Architect said...

These are beautiful. I really think you did an outstanding creative job!!
Now how what size are they, and tell us like they do at a museum the qualities of these beauties.

if you want to email me
cosmicarcata at yahoo dot com

The fearless threader said...

They are 160 gsm paper in a7 size, which 1/8th A4 size Which is standard letter paper. The plastic covers are made with 2 layers of upholstery plastic, sandwiching fabric, lace and ribbon which is machine stitched together using free machine stitches. The plastic is used the same way for the penny bag I made recently (see previous posts)except that instead of layering strips of fabric I used one piece of fabric and made channels for the pennies.

I'm really glad you like them, I've spent days working on them off and on and less on and more off to be honest, but everyone thinks they are great. I like to get feedback on what I make it helps me decide what will and waht won't sell later.