Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Just a Quick Message

To the people who are anonymously asking me to post links, upload widgets and various other spamming messages and comments on my blog, please stop. Anonymous massages are deleted, I do not post random stuff on my blog just because someone has asked me to, and I don't look at links if I don't know their origin.

Stop wasting yours and my time.


sukipoet said...

are these things you are getting automatically posted??? do you use comment moderation?? I havent gotten anything like this in a long time.

sukipoet said...

Oh maybe I dont mean comment moderation but rather the thing where I, the commenter, need to type in a word verification in order for my comment to be posted, which I notice you do not have enabled.

The fearless threader said...

I use comment moderation, rather than the verification thingy. I have a friend who is visually disabled and loads of dyslexic friends and those verification words are confusing at the best of times.

Mostly I think they are people using auto translators trying to sell me software or get me to use dodgy links, but their translators are rubbish so it just doesn't make sense.