Thursday, June 29, 2006


After taking Gaia to the vets then going shopping to ensure a steady supply of high calorie food for my ever growing 15 year old son, Josh, I was rsther tired, so Josh, the most wonderful son any mother could have, ran me a bubble bath and then took the photo of me with a big white affro. Oh and no I've not been drinking large amounts of alcohol. I'm working tomorrow and can't have more than one or I'm wrecked for the day.

This a picture of one of my dogs. Her name is Gaia and today she had to go to the vets as she was a little out of sorts. She managed to get chewing gum stuck to her tail on the bus on the way there and frightened the life out of an unwell cat when we got there.

On the way home we walked through the grounds of the local hospital and she was glad to get home especially as the vet had to do something unpleasant with a thermometer.

She is now back to her usual bouncy giddy self. Aaaah
I'll try to remember not to ramble on too much and to spell check my posts so that I don't come across as a looney. The photo at the top is me, sorry folks. This was taken at my last Halloween party, two years ago, where the theme was my favourite blonde. As you can see I am quite an unsuccessful blonde, not actually being blonde. This year's theme will be "Green".

I have just been made aware that the spell checker is American. I will not be complying with American English as I speak write and generally get drunk in English English. After all we did invent English and in another couple of hundred years American will be a separate language all of its own. Bit of politics, can't help myself. I will stop now as here in the UK it's past one in the morning and I have htread to abuse in the morning. Bye for now.
So here I am on the web writing my thoughts and wondering if the world even cares. Probably not, but at least I have somewhere to write them now.

I discovered lace recently. Not the fabric but the making of it, by hand. With thread and bobbins and I thought I'd have a go. I'm half way through making my first piece. I'm really proud that I am almost completely self taught in all things thready. Emroidry cross stitch etc. Fearless when it comes to crafts, though there are some I probably wouldn't try. Mainly cos they're too sad and lonley even for me.
This is my first ever blog and as everyone I work with is getting worn out by my hobbies I thought I'd share them with the net. I need a life.