Friday, March 05, 2010

Bad Day

Nothing good happening today.

Went to car this morning to go to college and rear windscreen had been smashed and the offending brick was sitting on the parcel shelf.

Then things got really out of hand with their living room windows getting smashed and them threatening to set fire to my car and my house after.

Police involvement all day, stress levels beyond through the roof and I'll probably have to move out of my house to be sure of my and my son's safety.

Just like to say that for the past nearly 2 years I have been subjected to daily insults from these "people". Every time I come out of my house, or my car, I am verbally abused by them. Eventually you just can't bite your tongue any more so you answer them back, and then damage gets done to your car or your house. Which is worse? And why don't the police do anything despite the constant complaints to them?

This is my car. Depressing isn't it?