Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday none day

I've not posted for a while, mainly because I've been busy at paid work and trying to get some art work done.

I've also been out and about visiting friends and doing generalised stuff.

I had intended getting things started and finished today, with lots of ideas on how to spend my time. The problem being that after a busy working weekend I was shattered, had an appointment to go to this morning and just needed a quick lie down after I'd been shopping and organised someone to look after life drawing tonight...............

So as you can imagine, the quick lie down became a long lie down and a bit of a nap. It would have been a longer nap if I'd not been disturbed every 10 minutes by text messages from almost everyone I know. Funny how at the weekend everyone is too busy to text, but as soon as they are all back at work and I have a day off they text me and simply must discuss loads of important things with me. When I'm trying to catch a nap. Hmmmm. I smell a touch of irony.

This is me trying to nap. Photo courtesy of Josh, sometime ago. This is what I look like during a successful nap.

So an unproductive day really, but I am pretty sure the rest of the week will go better as I now feel more energetic and less taken over by work. Sort of a short break before getting on with my other job!