Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Its' it's, well it's green.

Sorry have to do a Star Trek quote from time to time. If anyone can come up with the episode number for this one, well done, prozes on a postcard!

My leg, as you may have gathered is now a grotesque mess of purple and green splodges with swelling and dry skin. It looks really attractive, if you are a zombie looking for an undead girlie.

I'm trying to take my mind off the dull ache that has settled on my leg, using Ibuprofen and distraction techniques, but alas and alack, it's not really working. It didn't help that I was working over the weekend and trying to not over stress the poor little limb too much. Thankfully when we were busy I did at least get to do some running about which made it feel substantially better. Of course in order to keep my leg moving and thus educe the discomfort I have been forced to go to meadowhell repeatedly, and as we all know, one simply cannot resist New Look for the fat girl clothes. Went to H&M and what a very small pile of poo their selection is. New Look all the way for me dahlinks. Even Lily Allen shops there so it can't be all bad.

Wanted to go to Pizza Hut for tea last night after finally seeing Slumdog Millionare, but they'd run out of food. Of course they let us sit down, menu in hand looking at the greasy offerings, but to no avail, because they had no salad, or pizza bases left. So we went to Bella Italia on Centertainment. Fabulous. Calamari made from fresh squid and the lightest crispiest batter. Melted in my mouth. Delicious Linguine Gambari, with shell on prawns and fresh linguine. What more could you want. And a bunch of nuitters too, playing tricks on each other as they work. Great atmosphere and excellent food. Happy tum, happy mum. Josh had pizza and chips, boring bugger.

I really enjoyed Slumdog, a real feel good movie and not overly sentimental. I cannot be doing with excess sentimentality, makes my eyes leak and then Josh takes the mick. The reality of life as a poor orphan was not saccharined for the masses, it was told like it is. In all the horror of children being blinded and sold into sexual slavery.

Lees of the depressing stuff, work to do, work to do. I'm going to try some monoprints today, and see how I get on with those. The results I promise will be posted somewhere in my online world.