Thursday, September 30, 2010


I finally got my new laptop set up how I like it at the studio. The keyboard had a strange upward curve on it which means that I keep accidentally pressing the caps lock button instead of the "a". I'll get used to it. I have uploaded all of my music and my pictures from my external hard drive and all I need to do now to keep me really happy is install Photoshop and get a graphics tablet and off I go!

I am supposed to be writing an essay, but I have lost all of the internet research I did initially, so I have to go through that again! Oh well, it won't take me that long, I have the plan and a very small rough draft.

I also have the presentation to work from, so that will make it even easier. Hopefully.

So in celebration of my intention to work, and my having access to all of my photos at home and studio, here is a selection of random pictures I have taken over the years.