Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moving up 3

Well, good news and better but scary news.

The good news being my paintings are coming along and I'm starting to develop a style that I like, and is fairly interesting. I was never that bothered about photo realism, and I really like the colour palette I am using at them moment.

The better news is that the guy who runs the studios where I have mine is opening a gallery space and I have been offered space in the first exhibition. Scary bit is its the first week in August. Argh! I've got to select and prepare a whole load of work to go on a limited space in a new gallery.

OK deep breaths, calm down, relax. OK. Okay!

But then I've also got to select and prepare 3 works for the Annual Open at the Clocktower Gallery.

And get my studio ready for my open studio event at the end of August!

OK calming down now.

Loads of work to do and not a great deal of time to do it in. But its what I wanted to be doing, what I need to do to retain my health and my sense of me. Without this I think I would be unable to face the world. I am sounding a little dramatic here, but since starting on this journey into art I have felt more and more compelled to work at it, to create, to challenge myself in many different ways, ideas come thick and fast and I feel lost if I can't get to my studio to get some more work done. I do really feel unwell if I can't be making, doing, creating, drawing, painting, sewing, thinking, researching, fiddling and trying to do. Driven I am, driven to distraction, action and occasional tears.

But I also feel empowered, strong, talented, able and fantastic when I am working.

I just need to work out how to make a living at it!

Oh and the cakes are from a stall at pride and were incredibly yummy!