Sunday, March 28, 2010

Annus Horribilis

Times here at Dexter Towers are somewhat fraught. I will not really supply detail, I seem to be going over it enough without doing it again and boring everyone.

Things here are going to be horrible for a few weeks yet.

Then, the dark clouds will part, light will flow through the gap and things will be good again. I have no doubt.

It is the nature of the universe. Plus, despite my obvious shortfallings, I am an eternal, though depressed, optimist.

It is interesting to note that whenever I am having a really difficult time, I seem to get better as an artist. The stress seems to bring something out of me, perhaps it is the therapeutic value of creating something, focusing on something else other than my fears, owes and concerns. Anyway, in short, not to go for too long, I have had a very good week at life class. Here's the results.
Please comment. I like feedback especially on my life drawing. It takes me ages to re look at my work and decide if it is any good.