Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finishing stuff off

Over the years I have started, but failed to find the time to finish things. Small personal projects, ideas that seemed to work but were too time consuming to complete with all the other more demanding calls on my time. I have decided that in between the larger, time driven projects that I have to complete to get a qualification that I will complete these small pieces.

This is the first one of them.

It was for the Embroiderers Guild branch that I go to, for last year! We have a rainbow banner that lots of different branches have had a different colour to do, and ours was pink! I would never normally, voluntarily work in pink. Far too girly. Basically we all had a small 3 1/2 inch square panel to do which was then sewn together in strips and hung together with the other branches strips and displayed at the regional and annual general meetings. They looked wonderful together. I just missed the deadline because of the complete lack of spare time I suffer from. Oh I know it all sounds like excuses.