Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The day after the return of the prodigal

Well he's still as grumpy as he ever used to be, grumbling away for most of the night, but still I'm glad he's home. Chaos tried very hard to get close to him in the hope that maybe, just maybe, Thunder would sit still while Chaos practised his love moves on him. But no, Thunder just whacked him, grumbled and Chaos decided to try them on my hair. Bit me and everything. Vets next week, to remove the offending articles. We're having none of that in my house, plus cat semen can't be good for the hair.

On to more normal things, spent £35 in Hobbycraft on pastel pencils to finish 1 drawing. All that for just one drawing. Oh well, I'll use them again. Not really making as much progress as I wanted today, but I'll warm up to it soon. I have done one fine pencil drawing and a rough pastel sketch, and I'm half way through a finer pastel drawing, so I will get there today. Just not sure if I'm doing much exploring of the subject.

Had a huge bowl of leftover soup for lunch, followed by a rather tasteless orange. Why are oranges so disappointing? I want to eat sweet juicy oranges, not dried up bland ones. Still full of food and trying to get focussed and motivated. Maybe just a couple of games of tetris then?

The return of the prodigal

At last the fat boy is home, after nearly 6 weeks away he came home, fatter than ever but still not in the slightest bit impressed with the kitten we call Chaos. i really did miss him and I'm so glad he's home. I know exactly where he's been, and really I do not appreciate you feeding my cat, because that only encourages him to stay away from home.

Anyway, he's home, he's grumpy, he's fat and he's stunningly gorgeous in my eyes. Problem is Chaos is now approaching late adolescence, and has tried twice to, erm, well, hide the spiky sausage. Now he's just jumped him as I was stroking him. What to do....what to do?

Chaos is due to be denadified in the near future and hopefully that will calm him ardure and aggression down enough for them to find some common ground, find a shared interest and take up new hobbies that they can indulge in together. Thunder is, thankfully in the state of bliss known as neutered, wouldn't have it any other way. That's the best way to have a male pet, irrespective of the breed or species.

Suffice to say, I am happy, Thunder is grumpy and Chaos has no social graces. Life goes on.