Monday, June 28, 2010

Moving up 2

As you all know I have had a difficult couple of months, but I think I'm now coming out of the other side, still struggling with depression and a horrendously bad back at the mo. Anyway less of the complaining and on to the celebration.

This last weekend was pride weekend in Sheffield and I had the best time, took my trusty camera with me and found lots of photos worth taking. Here's a few for you to enjoy.

On top of that I've just had the most fantastic day in my studio today. I've been trying something new, after a bit of procrastination, and have had some success. The new thing for the next couple of weeks will be painting lots of small approximately A5 sized paintings, using oils and keeping to a strict palette of yellow ochre, sepia, burnt sienna and white. These are the first three of them. There will be many more.