Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What a difference a day makes

Well what a rubbish but also a brilliant week I have had.

The dog is ok by the way. Happy as Larry without Curly and Moe.

My mum, however, is not so well and to be honest I am very worried about her. She is in hospital with a broken leg which can't be fixed yet because she is too ill to undergo anasthesia. She is on a High Dependancy Unit and is being fed through a nasal tube because she can't swallow properly.

At the same time, my relationship with my best friend has deepended (as it were) even further and I have turned into a serious horn dog who simly cannot get enough of her gorgeous body.

Now here is my quandary. I am upset and worried about my mum, but at the same time happy as a puppy with three tails due to the fantastic Jay. I feel bad that my mum is so ill, and will possibly not recover from this latest in a very long line of increasingly serious illnesses, but I feel bad that I have been feeling so good about this new aspect of a long and trusting relationship with Jay.

Should I feel bad about being happy? Or should I get out from my punishment room and just accept that life sometimes serves sweet and bitter on the same plate to enhance the flavours of each.