Sunday, September 12, 2010

Things Made

After yesterday I thought that I would be unproductive and too tired and emotional to focus on making anything, but as it turns out I created loads today, and had whole ideas about stuff and everything.

I have been playing with some fabric that I glued the cellophane squares you get wrapped around Quality Street to some time ago. I added a layer of tissue paper on the reverse a couple of days ago, and today I made a sort of a zipped box out of it.

Then I wanted to be able to put my DS games into the box, but didn't want them to rattle around inside, so I made a snug little holder for them.

Finally I started on the next Travelling Sketchbook page. More on that on the Artshine blog.

I also posted the previous page off to Annie, and posted the last of the eBay sales off.

After I had finished at the studio, I went over to Michelle's house, taking her blouse that I fixed the neckline of, and cooked her dinner ready for when she got home from work. In all a productive day of the old variety of Sam. Maybe this is a good sign!