Thursday, August 05, 2010

OK Today

Physio appointment today. Pain, discomfort and throbbing back pain afterwards. But, new exercises from the nice man which are easier, less painful and actually relieve the numbness in my foot.

This morning I managed to finish a couple of cards and framed a picture. After the physio appointment I went to town and visited the Millennium Gallery to look at the Water colours in Britain exhibition. Well worth a look if you are in and around Sheffield over the next month. I'm going to go again and take more time to look properly. Lots of Turner watercolours which as you all know really float my boat.

The later part of the day has consisted of me having my afternoon nap and then watching tv. I wish I could summon some energy in the evenings, but at the moment it all gets used up getting up and out of the house for a couple of hours. I'm feeling hopeful, I'm starting to feel human again and I even look forward to going out and doing stuff. Pretty soon I'll feel more like my old self. Maybe. Hopefully. Eventually.