Monday, August 09, 2010

Sunday: Day Off. Monday: Day Back On

I wanted to blog yesterday, but then tiredness got in the way. Modelled for the life class in the morning, but was so wiped out by it by the time I got home I just went to bed for a nap.

In my defense, I had a late night on Saturday, and was up early on Sunday to model at life class. And modelling is harder than it looks!

So after a 5 hour nap, I got up and went to Michelle's for a while and had a great evening with her mum chatting and laughing about dogs. That was really good for me, to have someone I can talk to who understands what I've been through.

So I had Sunday off.

Today I had a better day. Finished prepping 2 of the pictures for the Open Exhibition and started on the 3rd. Then went to Janet's house for a sketching session with Janet as the model and Helen painting. I managed 3 drawings, only one of which is worth showing.

It's HB pencil in my new brown paper sketchbook.

I had planned on going back to the studio to begin playing with collage, but felt tired and needed to have a cuppa tea and something to eat.

When I got home I ate, had a cuppa, then started to tidy the living room up. It has been annoying me for ages and I finally had a tidy up. My friends would be so proud!

So here I am, its 7pm and I'm tired, ready to chill in front of the tv and the biggest loser. Oh dear, now that is a bit sad!