Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Human Form

New project about to be underway. Self directed, we have to write our own briefs and decide what the outcome is to be.

I have decided I want to concentrate on the human form, the nude and the character study. What will bring it all together is that it is going to be exclusively a painting project. I have hardly done any painting and this will be a massive challenge for me.

So, folks, please be aware this blog will be the scene of rants, complaints, desperate pleas and at least 1 nervous breakdown as I go through the gestation and birth of a new skill. Please bear with me, normal service will be resumed. I just need to sort out what is normal and if I can ever attain normality.

To coincide with this I am now officially suffering from an under active thyroid, and so will be enjoying thyroxin for the rest of my life. Having only just started on the thyroxin I will be my usual self ( forget normal, doesn't exist in my world!), however as time wears on there may be interruptions to my usual pattern of depression and activity. Let me know if I'm being weirder than you are used to. It may be the tablets.

No really, I am serious about that. Honestly.