Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Unproductive Day 4

I believe that irony is now the colour of the day.

For an unproductive day I haven't done too bad!.

A collage and now a felt painting too. Not complete, but ticking along nicely.

Much more work to be done on this, especially as its a borrowed embellisher and I will probably have to give it sometime next week. I must have one of these. Soon!

Unproductive Day 3

So the collage is finished. Not sure if I want to add some paint on top, or maybe some oil pastels.

I'm really pleased with how this has gone. I thought collage would take me days. I may start a bigger, more ambitious one and see how that goes.

Watch this space. But only if you don't have stuff to do, obviously.

Unproductive Day 2

So the collage moves on fairly quickly. Here is the next pic with further progress. It's helpful to see it as a photo because I can analyse how it is working and then add extra layers to it without feeling too precious about it.

I'm really enjoying the process and will probably try another one later, on a much bigger scale with a much more complex form. See how I go.

Unproductive Day

Today I have done little or nothing of note. I've been watching TV on the computer, catching up on programmes I missed because I was too busy getting attacked by a large group of youths with snowballs. Sounds funny, wasn't in the slightest. Especially when they opened my car doors and pelted me inside the car.

So I have managed to start a collage, and had a Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels moment when Josh doubted that I could paint on it. Very surreal. Had accents going and the lot.

So here it is so far, more pics to be posted as it progresses, or not as the cs may be. I seem to be starting a lot of things but not getting them finished at the mo. I think I'm not really sure how to finish them off. Plus they look halfway OK and I don't want to ruin them. Or they are really not very good and I can't raise the energy to finish them cos they're rubbish anyway. Confusion about my work abounds.

So today has been about chilling, sort of having a day off and resting my brain before cracking on again.

I think I may be in the realms of self justification of a lazy day. I must ponder.