Saturday, August 07, 2010

Saturday: False Start Day

I got up fairly early. In a bit of a panic, because Josh didn't come home last night. I phoned him and he was fine.

So I didn't get to the studio until this afternoon, but I did go to a craft shop and bought some very nice mulberry paper to use in a collage. I have a yen for collage. Partly because of this, this, this and this. Partly because I'm not really very good at it. And considering how well I've done with painting, I thought I'd enjoy a new challenge.

I had a plan for today.

Finish framing the last piece I wanted to frame on this round of work. Finish making the cards for sale. Photograph a load of stuff to get it on eBay to help clear out the studio of some of the excess clutter. Start on a collage. Maybe even get to doing some encaustic.

So my Stanley knife ran out of blades. Trip to DIY shop. Didn't have the right ones. Trip to the next DIY shop.

Then I thought I may as well go and buy some papers for collage. So Meadowhell, in 3 shops, and the retail park, in 2 shops, then town, in 1 shop. Small collection of suitable collage papers.

Finished the framing. Looking very good. Finished the cards, I now have 25 hand made cards for sale. Looking very nice.

Sorted out the books, craft equipment and other things for sale. Took a few photos, but then the batteries ran out.

Then my batteries ran out.

Came home, had a shower and now I'm now in my pj's waiting for Michelle to come and have a movie night.

Tomorrow will be better.