Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Anyone who has been alive and awake over the past couple of days will be aware of the UK's complete inability to cope with snow, and the chaos that ensues when a couple of flakes of snow drop on the roads.

Everything is closed, abandoned and blocked. No college, gym, buses or places to go. And I am stuck in the house with my generally wonderful son, who is now showing distinct signs of boredom and will shortly be getting annoying.

I was thinking about going out and taking some photos of the snow, but that all get a bit samey after about 3,000,000 of them have been published over the past week in every single newspaper and on every online forum, social network and blog. Wouldn't want to do the same as everyone else.

I'm trying to get on with getting my stock levels up ready for the new season of craft fairs etc, but, well to be honest, I'm not really that motivated.

OK I gave in and took a couple of photos.

Ain't that pretty? This is the view from my studio. I think I will go out later and get some pics up in the park. More opportunity for better pictures. I've not taken photos for ages, so this will be a good opportunity to get something seasonal. In the meantime, don't get in your car unless you are going to provide essential services, that boring crappy pern pushing office job really doesn't matter that much, keep the kids off school, build snow people and have snowball fights with the neighbour kids and drink gallons of hot chocolate. That's what winter is for. Oh and don't forget to make snow angels. I love them.