Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Travelling sketchbook

Well I finally started on my page for the second of the travelling sketchbook project I have become involved with. I've got another 8 to do after this and three of them are sitting in my "to do" box.

I decided I wanted to use circles, mainly because this book is about colour and pattern, and because I've not played with the patterns you can get with circles since I was a kid.

The background fabric is synthetic satin, with concentric circles of fabric from my bits box. I should explain that I have spent 3 days sorting out my fabric into a more sensible storage method instead of cramming it into a chest of drawers and a wooden chest. It is now crammed into 16 storage boxes, sorted by colour pattern and natural/synthetic composition. I have kept all of my silk separate, and the leather is in a completely different place. 1 of the boxes is a bits and pieces box, where all the little bits which are useful for small details but not big enough for anything substantial are being collected together.

Here is the first stage.

I will be hand and possibly machine stitching over the top to create a layered composition with lots of pink and probably green to create a more organic pattern. Hopefully. Depending upon whether it works or not.

I will post regular reports and pics of the progress of this piece. This is to get me motivated to actually crack on with my main project. A bit of distraction therapy.