Monday, October 26, 2009

We are ages away from Christmas

Right pet peeve #7.

Why do we have to suffer xmas ads before Halloween? It's no where near xmas, stop it now. It spoils it for people, and gets kids all over excited and ruins the spirit of christmas, which by the way is only in December because the invading Christians wanted to pursuade the native Pagans in Britain to worship their god. Stop ruining the major winter festival by introducing stuff into the shops too early.

As soon as we have xmas over with, the ads will all be for summer holidays.

Don't know if anyone has noticed, but all this rush to consume without limits is what has landed this country in the s**t pile it is in at the moment. Lets all chill out a bit and look at what we are doing to each other and the economy. Why do we buy stuff for xmas which no-one wants, needs or can afford, spending the rest of the year paying it off, only to do it again next year? I have been a Christmas spending refusnik for 4 years now, and only one person has been disappointed by the lack of high spending. That was their issue, by the way not mine. I make individual, personalised presents for my friends and the ones who complain it wasn't a shop bought, high cost gift aren't my real friends anyway. A good present is something given with love, affection and a real understanding of what someone likes and appreciates. The time I spend making things for my friends is the best gift I could give to anyone.

Try it yourself, you'll be surprised how cherished these gifts are.

And to my friends, love ya all. Mwah!

End of rant.