Friday, August 13, 2010

Today I Smell of Dog

Well actually every day I smell of dog, mainly because I have 2 of my own, but also because almost everyone I know has a dog, and I cannot, repeat, CANNOT, pass a dog without saying hello. Well, it would be rude!

But today has been very special, because today I got to meet Jill, who is my friend Michelle's very good, but very poorly friend. She has Jack the handsomest most beautiful - and doesn't he know it - Shiba Inu in the world, Looby Lou, a giddy girly Shiba and finally the 8 week old mini bull terrier puppy we were collecting to take to her new home in Ireland. I wish I was the one carrying her all the way there, because puppies really do cure depression!

She doesn't have a name of her own yet, so we loaned her one. And, as Michele has an adult mini bull called Willie, I thought the best name for the puppy was - sorry for being so obvious - Fannie!

Here she is. Cute or What? Oh and that's me holding the baby.