Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Unproductive next day

I tried to get up early to go to the library to make a start on the essay.

Just didn't get there. Had a bath and fell asleep on my bed for another 2 hours, cuddled up with my dogs and cats. My hair was completely dry by the time I woke up.

I did get to the library, but that was a less than good experience. Not enough books, none of which were available, the only ones that were available weren't much use and two boys decided to have a LOUD conversation at the table next to me.

Went to the public library, which was mercifully quiet and borrowed a couple of books, both immensely useful, and came home.

I visited my sick friend, who feels like a fraud because she is feeling very well despite not being as mobile as she would like. Came home and finished the felted piece I started yesterday. What do you think? I'm quietly pleased with my first ever embellished piece.

And now off to bed again, after a small snack.