Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Action, Inaction and Distraction

I am so the worst person in the world for actually getting started on things. Today for instance. I had a brilliant morning at college. Three very good prints from a very nice etching I've been working on for 2 weeks. And I started a lino cut, drew it out ready to get it cut. Then lunch-time. Oh dear, sitting around staring into space instead of really cracking on with stuff.

Finally at the studio, meant to be doing my essay. On my new laptop. Which has internet access. Which is presently logged into Facebook!

Ok so how do I stop myself being distracted. The inaction is more often down to tiredness and at present there isn't much I can do about that. It will improve in it's own time, but the distractions! Argh! I need a computer here, so that I can research stuff when I am working, but I can't do any work if I keep playing on Facebook!

I did think that perhaps if I allowed myself 30 minutes when I first arrive and then a 15 break every couple of hours that this would help. But I need discipline. I just am not good at resisting the temptation to bunk off the work I should be doing and playing online.

Oh well. The prints are good, and the lino cut will be awesome.