Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It feels like I am wading through treacle to actually get to my summer project and make a start on it. I've been busy getting my house ready for central heating being fitted, and turning the black hole at the back of the huse into a real kitchen. Finally got it together and done, but now I'm so tired by the whole business and still adjusting to the new shift patterns, that I can't seem to get into gear. HELP!

I will get to it and planning a week away in my favourite place, so I should be able to get some decent sketching and photography done before college starts again in september. Josh is going away for a few days in early september, so I may end up having a nice relaxing time without him, or as is usual, I'll go all maudlin and upset without him and feel rubbish and get nothing done.

Been playing crappy games on Facebook instead of tidying my studio up. But listening to fleetfoxes is good.

Just realised how random this is. May stop now. Here's a video for you to enjoy. It just about sums up how dull my life is. Enjoy.