Friday, January 29, 2010

What am I like 11/Hundredth post

I have been putting off posting for a few days, partly owing to extreme busy-ness, but also because the 100th post was looming and I got a bit, well, daunted.

I wasn't sure if I should be posting something earth shatteringly important witty and wise or whether it should just be another normal run of the mill slightly dull except when I'm describing one of my disasters kind of post.

So here we go dull as ditch water post here we come.

I've had a really busy week what with working 14 hour days and trying to finish my latest project on time, I am now so exhausted that I think my hands belong to someone else. Honestly, my fingers feel too big and I keep hitting the wrong keys on the keyboard. Next time I have a deadline I'm having the week off work. Properly, not, I'll not book any shifts in advance but do every single one that gets offered to me no matter how tired I end up getting.

So, the project went in on time, not without a couple of problems. I had to wash out the water soluble pen I had used to draw the illustration onto the fabric with. Then I had to re-stiffen the fabric afterwards because all the cellulose glue washed out of it with the pen. Then I had to hope that it would dry quickly enough for me to get it on the frame that I made at 11 pm last night (sorry about the sawing, banging and loud swearing noises neighbours, I promise that won't be happening again until May), I then had to stretch and staple the backing fabric into place. The piece hadn't dried last night, so at 7.30 this morning I was stapling it on top the backed frame. In a complete panic and rush, because i had to be at work for 9 to be naked in front of strangers for the morning.

So frame made, quick, disturbed panic stricken sleep, up at sparrow and lark fart, bath, staple to frame, wrap in bin bag to protect it in the car , off to work, stand still for 3 hours, then rush to college to hand it in with accompanying sketchbook and reference materials. Phew.

But now, of course, I have finished my project. My thumbs are twiddling already, because as those who know and still love me (I can see you, peeking out from behind the blast screens) I am incapable of not doing something with my time. A new deadline looms, from quite a distance really. It seems that looming from May might be a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but still it has the potential to loom at me. Plus I have an essay and presentation to write and a presentation workshop to do. And not forgetting all the things that my lovely friends want me to make for them because I am sooooo gifted at making stuff, and the pages for the travelling sketchbooks and making some more stock for sale. See. Can't stay still. Oh the pressure. Problem is with nothing to actually do I get very stressed and depressed and feel sorry for myself and get into a bit of a pickle. Living life in a jar of Branston is not my idea of fun, so on with the business of busy-ness.

Here's the finished project by the way. Hope you like it now you've seen it in progress. I have my fingers crossed for a good mark, but as usual will be delighted with a pass and wonder why I deserved a distinction! Contrary me I know.

So for the first big number post, not too shabby, strangely quirky in places and not too dull. Moderate success I announce.

Now to await the return of the boy with my junk food and a nice cuppa tea to drink while i am waiting.