Monday, November 02, 2009


I think I may be having a bit of a bad day.

Please ignore any references that you may find miserable and complaining. I expect to have some work lined up by now, but nothing is happening. NHS Professionals are being positively obstructive, because their stupid online forms only give you 20 minutes to complete them, but they take at least 45 minutes to complete.

Whinge moan, complain, general grumbling and miserable noises. There that that out of my system.

Good news is I am actually getting on with the test pieces, and they are starting to look quite good. Going to go in the bath once my cotton on Farmville is ready to harvest and I can plant something new. More sewing in the meantime.

No photo today. Feeling grumpy. Sorry.

THE Book 4

Has a moment of total inspiration last night. Many thanks to Jan. Finally have the first page of the creation tale in the book. Yay. Probably looks dreadful on a computer screen, but here goes.