Sunday, November 01, 2009

THE Book 3

I think I may well become a bit of a bore with all of this posting just to show some progress to the three people who actually read my blog.

The title page is finally done, I have truly begun THE Book! At last! This idea has been kicking around my head for a couple of months and is finally finding itself to be a reality.

Here for your perusal is said page. Be gentle with me!

The canvas 5

Another test piece started, and the final canvas underway, but waiting for how the tester goes. Not a lot of commentary for this, but I have used watered acrylics in this, to allow the collage to show through. Starting to get there and I will have it finished by the deadline, only a week and a half away, but it will be close.

Here's the latest image. Thoughts please.


THE Book 2

Finally i have started to actually put stuff in The book. That's all nothing more to add. The image speaks for itself.