Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Beginnings 4

This is starting to go on a bit now. Just had a phone call from the nice man at the local uni asking if I would be able to do some life modelling tomorrow, all day, 6 hours of paid work! Yay! I have to pay £5 for parking, but I come out of it with money going in the bank and potential for regular bookings. That saves me some effort and stress. Things are starting to look like they will come together.

I just need to find a part time job that will ensure I still get the WTC and CTC and I may just survive my stupid, sorry brave decision to give up a secure permanent soul destroying job!

Not really done very much work, but will now feel motivated to get on with it today. Got to go out later to do something at a friends house, bus all day tomorrow, but I usually am on a weds, and I get a substantial break so I can visit the millennium gallery and graves art gallery for some homework. Good stuff all round.

I have got some written homework to do, but I think I'll be able to get that done in a day. I have to write a business plan for setting up a small printing studio. Won't take much research or time. I'm also going to write a plan for the life drawing class I've set up. That should get me some extra credit.

Back to doing some real work now I think. I've got stuff to finish for college which will also suffice for the Winter Open at the Clocktower. Really need to get on with it to get my work out there ready for sale. AND I need to be making Xmas prezzies and stuff for sale at craft fairs. Bookmaking is a doddle and people are so impressed with it.

Right work now.

Oh and a nice cloud picture that I submitted to the Cloud Appreciation society website. Pretty huh?