Monday, February 16, 2009

To sleep perchance to get some shut eye

Here I am at 8 am writing in my blog when I really need to be getting to sleep. I've just spent three nights at work, after nearly six months of sickness leave, with precious little to do at work as there were no patients to take care of and all the weekly jobs ahd been done. Tried to occupy myself with homework, but there's only so much stuff I can take into work before I feel like the whole studio is coming with me. Reading is out of the question for more than about 1/2 an hour, because it makes me want to go to sleep, which is absolutely verboten.

Feeling abivalent about being back at work. Part of me is glad it hasn't really changed and that after all that time I could just slip back into it without very much effort or worry about remembering my job, and part of me thinks "Oh My God, NOTHING has changed!" Good bad and exceedingly ugly, work is a necessary evil and until I win the lottery or can get some rich art collector to be my patron, I'm stuck in the dead end paying the bills and never quite making the end of the month meet the beginning of the next. Does someone out there want to patronise my rather crap and obscure art? It all has meaning, honestly.

I really need to be getting off to bed soon, as I've been up all night and although I'm not working tonight, I do have things to do with the rest of my week off. Wednesday I'm off to York for the festival of Quilts, which will, hopefully, be fun and not too expensive. I'm a sucker for a festival bargain. Off to Leeds in a couple of weeks for tea and museums, not necessarily in that order, and thinking about saving up to go to the Knit and Stitch show in May I think it is this year. Maybe I may even get something of mine in it for next year with the Embroiderers Guild or with Knotjustitch, the textiles group I am allegedly a member of. I say allegedly, because the degree is taking so much of my time up I really don't feel like I have time for any textiles at the moment, which is frustrating as I prefer to work in textiles, I just love the feel of the fabric and the way the colours change with the play of light and blah blab blah.............(further lyrical waxing about textile arts). I really ought to put some pictures on, but I know for sure that no-one else reads this blog, so who am I doing it for? Oh yeah, me! I think that answers my question then. One of these days I'll remember how obscure and unfamous I really am, and forget to even bother writing for others to read. Hmmmm. Maybe not. (Crosses fingers and wishes for fame for art not other dubious activities).

For details of the dubious activities, please see Channel 5 website and look up "Private Parts" 3 part series. See if you can guess which one is me. Answers on a postcard to ........

Must go to bed, I'm rambling rather more than is good for me.

Night all.

PS Hope you like the picture. It's one of mine. I got a distinction for that project. And its a textile!