Thursday, March 10, 2011

365 Project Days 23 - 27


Lynn Cohen said...

Sam, I have heard from everyone but you in the Artshine group. Five books are unaccounted for. Do you perhaps have them all (I hope) since no one else does! ;-))
When I send an email to your address I get a non delivery message back so I have no idea if you are getting any of them. Please respond through the artshine blog or to me directly at Thanks so much.

I am enjoying all your drawings here!

The fearless threader said...

Sorry for not replying before. Not sure what is happening with my email, but I will check. They are actually on my desk to finish off after next week, I know I've held on to them for a long time, but I will get them done now as soon as possible. I've had a lot of college work on and I was a bit swamped, but the pressure is easing off a bit now. I thought I had 4 left to do but I will check and get back to you.

Lynn Cohen said...

So glad I came back here to find your words...I really felt I'd lost you all together. Thanks for letting me know you have four books. Look to see if you might have five as that is how many I cannot account for. I will let the group know you've been busy but intend to get the books moving again. Greatly appreciated. If you just can't due to other restraints and demands you can send them on un finished and send you pages later. You decide, but we'd appreciate your not keeping them more than another month. Does that seem reasonable?? could you email me your answer at Thanks so much and be well.
PS Love all your drawings!!!