Sunday, March 06, 2011

Experimental Printing

Collage with print on top. Also known as Chine colle. Something I've wanted to try for some time.

These are developing into more complex pieces with another layer of printing. Possibly another transparent layer of collage later, but I'll have a think about it. They are part of an edition of 15 for a voluntary group project for college across the HE students. Sorry the photos aren't really that good, it was late and I was exhausted after spending hours printing!


Jan Hopkins said...

Great stuff. I really like the printed pattern you've made there. I've never heard of chine colle before.

I'm printing on drawings atm. On a much smaller and less ambitious scale though.

The fearless threader said...

Jan, I really like what you are doing with your ATC's, is that the printing over drawings you mentioned? i love the quality and style of your work. I sometimes wish I could do more abstracted work, but then I go and try something new and it becomes figurative as i experiment with it! Oh well such is my ouvre!

Becky Vigor said...

Love your chine colle and am envious as I was just starting to play with this technique when I had to leave college.

Sorry for long silence! Heopfully I am back this tikme :)